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Online Documentation

  • The NED documentation of the Extension can be found here.
  • The source code Documentation can be found in the Doxygen section

Offline Documentation

You can find the complete Documentation after downloading in the doc/index.html file




You should have a working OMNeT++ installation, version 5.0 or 5.1.1 with the INET-Framework 3.5

In INET you have to enable at least the following features:
- Ethernet
- IEEE 802.1d
If you require IP and Transport (otherwise disable the feature - IP over realtime Ethernet -  in CoRE4INET):
- IPv4
- IPv6

1. Make sure your OMNeT++ installation works OK (e.g. try running the samples)
   and it is in the path (to test, try the command "which nedtool").

2. Extract the downloaded tarball into a directory of your choice (usually into your
   workspace directory, if you are using the IDE).

If you are building from command line:
3. Change to the CoRE4INET directory.

4. Type "make makefiles". This should generate the makefiles for you automatically.

5. Type "make" to build the core4inet executable (debug version). Use "make MODE=release"
   to build release version.

6. you can run specific examples by changing into the example's directory and executing "./run"

If you are using the IDE:
3. Open the OMNeT++ IDE and choose the workspace where you have extracted the CoRE4INET directory.
   The extracted directory must be a subdirectory of the workspace dir.

4. Import the project using: File | Import | General | Existing projects into Workspace.
   Then select the workspace dir as the root directory, and be sure NOT to check the
   "Copy projects into workspace" box. Click Finish.

5. Open the project (if already not open) and  make sure it has the "inet" project marked
   as dependency (Project->Properties->Project References). Wait until the indexer finishes.
   Now you can build the project by pressing CTRL-B (Project | Build all)

6. To run an example from the IDE open the example's directory in the Project Explorer view,
   find the corresponding omnetpp.ini file. Right click on it and select Run As / Simulation.
   This should create a Launch Configuration for this example.

If the build was successful, you may try running the demo simulations.
Change into examples/ and type "./rundemo".

- by default CoRE4INET is creating a shared library ( etc.)
  in the "src" directory. To use the shared library you can use the "opp_run"
  command to load it dynamically. Open the "src/run_core4inet" script to see how
  to do it.
- If you add/remove files/directories later in the src directory, you MUST
  re-create your makefile. Run "make makefiles" again if you are building
  from the command line. (The IDE does it for you automatically)

Hit Ctrl+B to build.

Run the example simulations to check everything works fine.

Known Problems:


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