CoRE Simulation Models for Real-time Networks
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OMNeT++ 5.0 released

On Friday, 15 April 2016 finally OMNeT++ 5.0 was released. We already ported our simulation models over the last months to the new APIs of OMNeT++ 5.0. As of today the nightly versions and the master branches of our simulation models will be compatible with the new OMNeT++ version.

We won't maintain backwards compatibility with older releases of OMNeT++, thus starting from today you will have to use OMNeT++ 5

With the current version of INET there is a minor problem with the clang compiler on Windows systems. If you want to use CoRE4INET on a windows system you currently have to force the use of the gcc compiler by building OMNeT++ with "PREFERE_CLANG=no". You will find more information in the documentation.

[Update] Windows problems are fixed with the current nightly and INET 3.3 release

We are releasing a new set of simulation models: SignalsAndGateways

The SignalsAndGateways models allow you to build converters between (real-time) Ethernet networks and Fieldbusses. Thus SignalsAndGateways will rely on both: CoRE4INET and FiCo4OMNeT.

SignalsAndGateways is still beta. We are working on the documentation, until the documentation is ready, look at the example networks that ship together with the download.

Please expect heavy changes in the API until we have a stable version!